Friday, January 5, 2007

So this is blogging...

*drum roll*

Hey hey my first attempt at blogging! *clap clap*

I've decided to start a blog. Not that it's a spur of the moment thing. I've actually been thinking about doing this for quite a while now, but I can be King Procrastinator sometimes. What got me jump started was an idea with a few buddies to start blogging about our experiments with cooking and food.

So I thought, what better time to start my own blog as well? It's the new year, a time for new beginnings and doing new things. :)

Hello. I'm Yeng Yee. More known to my friends as Yengs. I get recognized as YY, Y-cube, or triple-Y too. you see, that's my initials - YYY.

This is me, a long long time ago. Hehe.

This is me now :)

I'm currently based in Reading, UK. For almost two years I've been on the Working Holidaymaker Programme, trying to survive, travel and get a taste of independent life here in Britain. For anyone thinking about this programme, I absolutely recommend it. From meeting new people, seeing new places, visiting different countries, or just getting to grips with daily life in a foreign country, this experience will open your eyes and provide you with countless unforgettable memories.

But I'll be heading home to Malaysia soon. Very soon. I really should have blogged all my experiences in the UK for the past two years, to record my thoughts, my growth and as a time capsule of my memories here. But going home will be another new experience and a new start, and I suppose the transition will be worth mentioning too.

Hopefully this will be the start of good times and lots of laughs. Happy new year everybody, and may this year be an amazing one!


BengChuan said...

older you looks more handsome..hehe

Nicole said...

i cannot believe you put your fei-chai pix up!!! hahaahahah!

eg said...

You look a lot better back then :D kekekeke.....

SooFan said...

surprise that you are willing to put up your old photo. To me you look the best at any age