Thursday, January 25, 2007


I got another free bottle of alchy today :) The God Of Alcohol must really like me nowadays. Thanks goodness I didn't have to get injured to get this!

The trilogy is now complete. Three bottles. 1st bottle when I learned a new skill. 2nd one when I went to war. 3rd one is a happy ending, I'm happy to say. Ahh....

Glenmorangie single malt Scottish whisky. Aged 10 years in Bourbon oak barrels. Full-bodied, aromatic, smooth...and making me very, very red right now. *hic*

In the harsh coldness of winter, I think whisky is a damn fine tonic to warm one up. You can feel the warmth flowing right down the moment you take a sip, and it spreads very comfortably all over. Very nice.

The Five Steps To Appreciating Scotch Whisky (from my whisky glass box)

Is your whisky light gold, bright copper or rich amber in colour?

Does your whisky have a light, medium or full body?

What aromas do you recognize when you nose your whisky - is it malty, smoky, fruity, chocolatey?

What characteristics do you notice on the palate - is it softly sweet, rich and fruity, or peppery and spicy?

Does the flavour remain for a long time or doest it disappear quickly?

My verdict on Glenmorangie - light gold, full bodied, fruity and slightly chocolatey, peppery and spicy with a long finish.

Now, time for another sip. I'm gonna sleep really well tonight, hehe.


eg said...

Minum sorang-sorang ke :P

Yengs said...

Takde awek join gua, apa nak buat...