Monday, January 22, 2007

Go Go Go! Ha Ha Ha!

I seem to be developing a knack for getting injured and then receiving free bubbly to enjoy the pain with. Just last month I blistered my legs and won champagne for it. This month, to be fair to my body, I got nice scars of war etched on my arm and ribs. And I got a bottle of even better champagne!

This is kind of unsettling.

I was paintballing in London during the weekend, at this pretty cool place near Liverpool St tube station. It was five arches under a bridge converted into indoor paintball pitches. What a novel idea! Not only can you have fun shooting your mates right smack in the city, but it also beats getting frostbite on your trigger finger when playing in winter.

As the type of scenarios to play with goes, it was pretty much the usual. Capture the flag, last man standing, VIP. If you've played any first-person-shooter PC games (Counter Strike comes to mind), you'll be very familiar with the games.

Speaking of Counter Strike, I got two very nice bullet bruises from this dude who must have played wwaaayyy too many games. I'll bet all the rain in England that he's one of those fanatics who spend many, many nights perfecting his shots and jumps with the mouse and keyboard, only stopping for the necessary johnny breaks and coffee. Heck, I'll even bet that he Himself practises all those moves. I'm serious about this. England has a lot of rain, so my stakes are high.

So there I was all crouched down, in the perfect hidden position flanking the right while my trusty team mate (who turned out to be not very reliable) was holding the left. We were at that point in the middle of the battlefield, holding off incoming enemies from taking our women, children and cattle. Damned if we were going down without a fight. For country! For freedom!

And then this bad-ass dude actually jumped from nowhere on my left and fired with abandon at near-point blank! He even had his knees tucked up in mid-air and gun aiming at the ready, an exact carbon copy of the Counter Terrorist in CS! It seriously looked like a scene from the game I tell you. Pow!Pow! I was shocked to say the least. I felt only sharp pains and bewilderment. I looked pretty retarded, looking around wondering what just happened. When the hell did the ground open up and swallow my team mate?? And're not supposed to fire when you're so close to me!! Bugger.

Now I've got two nice tattoo-like circles on my arm. It actually looks worse now as the bruise has spread wider. I've also got a nice patch of red, purple and discoloured circle on the right side of my ribs, and a nice pinkish blot on the left. Sigh.

At least I have a nice bottle of bubbly to ease the pain. Won it at the comedy club we went to at night. It was the first time I've been to a comedy club and I must say I really enjoyed it. The stand-up comedians were hilarious and had everyone in stitches :) I was laughing my head off the whole night hehe. Definitely a type of entertainment to be enjoyed more often!

Now this was the first time ever that I've won anything at a lucky draw. I must thank Christine who wasn't there when her name was called out. I wouldn't have been called otherwise.

Yeng Zee Yeong? Do we have a Yeng Zee Yeong in the house?

Aih. Don't know if the bruises or having your name slurred out like that in front of a hundred plus crowd is more painful. =P

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ngyahloon said...

Thank God no head-shots:P