Saturday, August 11, 2007


i haven't been blogging for a while now as i've been sorting out some stuff in my life. well, most of the stuff involves getting a job...but it's funny how that can lead to an emotional ride that brings you through a rollercoaster journey of searching, excitement, disappointment, depression, uncertainty and happiness. thankfully it's turned out well in the end and i'm hoping that it will be even better days ahead.

i don't really know what to write about at the moment, so i'll just word-doodle for a bit as a warm up to get back into the momentum. i think writing is like exercise; you've got to keep doing it or it will be difficult to pick up the pace again. when i started blogging, i also started to notice more things and was more aware of stories/issues to talk about. but when i took a break, somehow it felt like there weren't many topics that were particularly interesting to me.

maybe it's because i haven't been cooking since i came back home la. nothing to stir my culinary interests and make me want to cook. i think it may be due to the unfriendly kitchen in my house too.

emmm...ok don't know what to write anymore for the moment, hehe. happy days to anyone who read this post and thanks for still coming by! :)