Tuesday, March 6, 2007

Riverside Twilight

Fee Chin was in town during the weekend and wanted to to see Big Ben again. I thought it would be a good idea to bring her along the Thames river and South Bank for an enjoyable evening stroll too. I've always enjoyed the night view there and its such a nice place to hang about.

It proved to a good opportunity to take some beautiful shots of London as the sun was setting.

The Big Ben and Houses Of Parliament looked really resplendent when illuminated in its golden lights. Taken from almost below the London Eye, the pinkish glow of the pier and water reflections made a colourful contrast and a good picture.

Panning my viewfinder to the right towards South Bank, I caught another nice view along the river. The lighting along the bridge and of the building was very aesthetically pleasing to the eye and there was a sense of calm when looking this way across the river.

She didn't turn out well in this one, but I thought the background gave a very good feel of the feel and atmosphere of the place and the evening. The London Eye is really quite a big structure and is impressive. The capsules rotate as the big wheel turns so they stay horizontal. Made largely of glass, it gives you beautiful, unobstructed views London on a clear day or night.

This is what happens when you cannot stay still when the camera takes a snap. :-) It was also difficult to frame the shot nicely as I didn't have a tripod and had to balance my camera on the edge of the lamp post. I got hungry after that so we left to have a good Chap Goh Meh dinner!

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