Thursday, March 22, 2007

Kebab Komfort

There are few things as comforting and satisfying than a warm, packed to the brim doner kebab. Especially when you're hungry at 12.30am in the UK and there are no machas bringing you that teh tarik and mee goreng telur mata kerbau to your plastic table. You'd have a better chance bumping into Jennifer Aniston on the streets.

I'd just watched The Lion King with Chia Hui and was on my way back to Reading. By the way, it was an awesome show. But that's another story. The train was unusually slow tonight and so I had some time to think. And what I thought was...I haven't had dinner. The thing was, I wasn't actually that hungry. But the body is a funny temple and it sometimes affirms and reinforces automatically what you think. Well, at least mine does and if yours doesn't then there's sometime wrong with you. And the YY temple of good eats ALWAYS reaafirms thoughts about food. The temple told me I was hungry.

So, that's why I got a chicken and lamb kebab la. With extra chilli sauce. :)

The kebabs here are big. Really big. HUGE. A small one can feed two girls. A large one can feed two guys, unless one is a real fat-ass glutton. Not only are they packed to the brim with meat, the matey boy at the counter will then stuff the bejesus out of that limited pita bread estate with loads of lettuce, cabbage, cucumber, tomatoes and pickled chillies into any available space he can find. And then still manage to stick a wedge of lemon in there somewhere. It's really an amazing meal.

Plus, it costs less than a Mcds meal AND is in my opinion a much healthier option.

Tucking into that on a cold night is damn satisfying and really hits the spot. It's like having that first bite into your favourite Ramly's burger when you've got a craving. Great comfort food.

When you're in the UK and without much choice, a kebab's the best late night snack you can get.


Beach Boy said...

Ramly burger should be spelled as "Ramli" ... at least that's the way in Malaysia. Unless there's a Ramly burger in UK lah..

SooFan said...

Life is not bad when u still can buy good meal and had transport to go home at that hour. without a car u'll not have fun in M'sia even all mamak stalls open 24 hrs.Taxi helps but at a price.