Sunday, February 25, 2007


Gluttony. One of the deadly sins. By definition of - 'Excessive eating and drinking'.

Q: How much does it take to feed 3 guys?

1. One whole baked/roast chicken.

2. One whole cabbage. Half of it boiled with chicken bones for a big portion of soup. Another half fried with chillies and spices as a vegetable side dish.

3. One bowl of chilli and herb sauce.

4. Bowls of bubur cha cha for dessert. Contains coconut milk, sugar, sweet potatoes, bananas and sago/tapioca.

5. A final round of belacan (shrimp paste) flavoured fried chicken with sweet chilli dip.

A: Damn a lot.
Gluttony? What gluttony? I don't geel guilty at all. *BURP*


SooFan said...

Yes. What gluttony is it for guys at yr age. Nowadays, pic. 2 is more than enough for me. No fun being aging at all. Eat all u can when u can.

r those yr CNY dinner dishes>

eg said...

Belacan chicken looks good