Friday, February 2, 2007

Tri-Nation Salad

A really delicious salad made a couple of weeks ago. It's so simple and yet so yummily good. I think its a great example of how fresh, quality ingredients can make all the difference in the world.

  • Pungent Greek goats' cheese that was soaked in olive oil. Chuan smuggled it from Greece. Really.
  • Superb extra virgin olive oil that Kit bought for me from Padova, Italy. It's so good I can't describe it.
  • Super-sweet cheery tomatoes and Mediterranean salad mix. From, erm...Sainsburys supermarket near Shawn's love shack, hehe.
  • Some sea salt and lemon juice.

Looks damn good right? :) I'm getting hungry dy.


Denise Yeong said...

kor... um... remember i asked for you to help me buy shoes for my friend, can you buy them a size smaller...apparently i'm quite confused with the difference of american and british sizes... sorry!!!!!!

SooFan said...

the ingredients sound "greek" to me. I think time to retire from kitchen soon. Are u preparing Chinese dishes for CNY?