Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Happy 2008!

Well, there goes another year. Whoosh...just like that. Time really does fly supersonic.

Many ups and downs for me this year. I packed my backs and returned home after two years abroad. The final days in Reading was a blur of packing and rushing to get my affairs sorted, but I remember vividly the moment I touched down in KLIA. After the usual "we will jail you for bringing drugs' speech he said, "To all Malaysians, welcome home". I almost cried. Never had such words sounded so comforting.

However after just weeks I started noticing so many things wrong in my own country that I've never noticed before or were just ignorant about - the lack of decency and manners, materialism, the selfish pursuit of money, how we're still so far behind in public infrstructure, how funny some of our leaders are, among other things.

On a personal front, friends seem to be so engrossed in chasing money and success that I seem like a hippie lost in translation in 2007. I found myself at a slightly different frequency when conversing and in issues of interest. Fitting back in was suddenly a bit difficult at times. I mean, there's more to life than your boss and wanting to be rich right? Jeez, lighten up a little. And keeping up with friends who have moved up the ladder was a challenge as well. Somehow the mamak and hawker food is no longer good enough. The likes of La Bodega and Delicious is the standard now. Goodness. How do people save money these days? I guess time abroad has changed my priorities and thinking slightly.

Job searching was also a vast ocean that sometimes seemed to drown me. I didn't know what I wanted to do, and couldn't close interviews that I went to. There were times I was so lost and didn't know what to do. I wanted to start my own business and did experiment with it for a while, but I realized that it was very difficult to do alone and too crazy to risk it blindly. In the end I found work, but quickly realized that it wasn't for me.

Damn hippie right? All I want is love, peace, fun, and like...chill...dude. I think everyone should hug each other more. Seriously.

The past 9 months have been a time of adjustment and ironically finding my place in my own home. It hasn't been easy, what with no one that shares my experience. Some friends have mentioned that I've grown quieter, less fun and happy. I guess I have in some ways. It's hard when you're lost and can't find the answers, but I think I've almost come to terms with life right now. I feel more settled in and less anxious about what comes next. Que sera sera I guess.

For 2008 though, I want to try my best to live everyday in happiness. I have faith that things will bloom well and it will be a great year. I have always tended to measure my life in terms of the kind of person I am to my loved ones, rather than in career or monetary terms. So, for this year, I want to:
  • Love more.
  • Be a better son and brother.
  • Be the best friend you've ever had.
  • Be more charitable.
  • Be a great boss (I still have dreams of my own business).

I hope that everyone will have a smashing year ahead and live life to the fullest. Take risks, do something scary once in a while, and take more time to actually talk to each other. Life's too short to live with what ifs and regrets. :)

See, so 60s hippie.

Happy new year!!


Yee Kang said...

Hey dude,

Happy new year!

Didn't know that you already came back to Msia for a while... the last thing I heard was that you were in UK. Life must be very different in Msia than UK right? :) I had a close friend who came back from UK a year ago and complaint a lot in the beginning... but slowly he is used to it again haha

Reading your blog is like.. ehm... sentimental? :) Well as time passes by, people change and things will never be the same again. This is life maybe? Sad sometimes but true.

Will you be attending Winnie and Eu Geen's wedding in Penang? Hope to see you then.

Take care dude.

nicole said...

i so love you!! so hippie, too, huh?

Yengs said...

hey yee kang!

wow it's great to hear from you buddy. i haven't seen you for so many years! and didn't know you read my blog too haha.

happy new year! how's things going for you? yeah i'll be at the wedding, hoping i won't make a fool of myself at the mic hehe.

sentimental eh? well, just had to let it out and move ahead la bro.

see ya there :)

sis - luv yah too! yeah the world needs more hippies like me haha. world peace baby.

eg said...

Good post to start the year off with :)

pENguiN~ said...

Hey dude, tell la you're my em cee!! :D

Anyway, agree very much with u on what u said - Life's too short to live with what ifs and regrets.

There isn't what ifs in life and no point living in regrets. So, REJOICE!

Have a great year ahead! :D

cheo said...

be the best friend you ever had? how shall we evaluate this?