Tuesday, September 4, 2007


recent happenings on the home front:

1. i'm still trying to get used to sales and the tactics needed in the battlefield out there. i feel like i'm too logical and not zany and creative enough sometimes. so many things to remember and learn too. it's gonna be challenging. i need to be more thick-faced!

2. one of my sunday-morning-trek-and-breakfast buddies decided to ditch us for chinese girls in the mainland and to co-habitate with his boss. need to find a replacement.

3. had a real bad case of the runs last weekend. must have been a 'jampi' from uncle lim for crapping in his casino. it didn't help too that i had to run 5.5 km for charity while relying on 'po chai' pills to hold everything together. i barely survived.

4. i realized that there are many, many bloody rich malaysians out there. so bloody rich they don't know what to do with it, so they go to genting and throw it to the dealer. aunties and uncles, next time please throw it at a better angle - my pocket is about 45 degrees downwards ok?

5. been spending good quality time with family and relatives. i'm turning into quite a family guy. no complaints though it feels good. :)

6. i'm missing the quality of life in the UK a tad bit. but i miss the ales and pub food more.

7. and i miss you buddies still living there la, hehe.

8. i was pleasantly surprised to receive a letter from the tax dept telling me to expect a cheque on the way! WOW. now let's see if it will really arrive.


shawnchin said...

Miss u too man. running out of makan/cooking kakis...

BengChuan said...

good makan kaki is hard to find in uk these days... :)