Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Secret Admirer

An unknown number calls; I press the busy button and cancel it. A mysterious text message follows:

Mystery woman: Hi yeng, perhaps I’m a bit too forward to call you straight away..i’m Cheryl, we met briefly last weekend…anyway, are you free tonight?

YY: Hi Cheryl, sorry my memory fails me. Where did we meet?

Mystery woman: Your message aches me! Did I not leave an impression at all? Hint: somewhere in ss2 over a coffee?

YY: Aiyoh I really can’t remember. What day? Where? Hehe.

Mystery woman: Aiyo, I give you 30 mins to think about it before I give you a call. I’m expecting a good answer ;)

She gave me a missed call. Then her text said…

Mystery woman: Cibong, Chuan here la…

Bugger Chuan*!!!!! =P

*prolific prankster with a penchant for beer and pork, girls under 18 beware.


eg said...

Haha... sure damn stim one that time :P

BengChuan said...

LOL definitely kept yeng stim for 30 mins hehehe