Friday, May 25, 2007

Petronas Twin Towers Skybridge

Last week, I visited the Petronas twin towers for the first time in my life. They have been standing majestically for a good number of years now and I've always enjoyed looking at them illuminated in the night skyline. However, I have never made the effort to actually visit the skybridge, which is the only place you're allowed to walk around unless you work in one of the offices there.

So when my cousin managed to get tickets I thought "Why not?".

The tickets to the skybridge are free, but you have to go really early to line up for them. There's a limited amount of tickets given out each day, so be kiasu and make a beeline to the counter in the morning. The entrance to the skybridge tour is at the Tower 2 side of the lobby. If you're going by LRT, go to the centre court and make a right. Take the escalator up a floor, go past RHB bank and turn right to arrive.

There are set times for the tour, depending on your ticket. To start things off, there is a video presentation on the design and construction of the towers. We were late, so we missed this part. After that, a guide will take visitors up to the skybridge at level 41. The lift we took had the most LEDs I've ever seen (due to the sheer number of floors) and moves very fast - a zippy 1 floor per second.

Once at the skybridge, you're allowed 10 minutes to wander around, enjoy the view and take pictures. IMHO, 10 minutes is really kiamsiap. But to make up for the kiamsiap-ness, the view is really good and you can see almost the whole of KL.

It also helped that the weather was bright and sunny (and hot!), giving us clear skies.

After the skybridge tour, we then went up higher (71st is I've remember correctly) and the view was even better. Looking below, the people looked like ants crawling around some concrete jungle. Everything at ground level looked so small. Made me feel very big, hehe.

Up close, the size and height of the buildings are quite impressive too. The architecture is nice as well. If you have the time, just go up and have a look.

Heck, it's free anyway...don't want ah? :)

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lala said...

hi! is the skybridge tour available on sundays?